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Welcome to CHCP´s Online Service

Introducing Canadian Health Care Products, a company dedicated to providing assistive technology for people living with physical challenges. In a world that so often says “you can’t”, we are here to say, “You can!” With the help of CHCP, you can become or remain mobile, active, independent, and physically fit.

Canadian Health Care Products offers a wide range of quality products from walkers to wheelchairs, from kitchen utensils to gardening tools, from lifts and ramps to handcycles and water skis. We also provide a variety of professional services, including installation, maintenance, and repair; home, vehicle, and personal assessments; pressure mapping (for custom seating); and wheelchair evaluation.

CHCP is a valued member of your community, offering the following services online: Health Tips on a wide variety of topics; an Events Calendar covering all of Manitoba; Support Group referrals; links to other businesses and organizations; as well as an online catalog of Used Equipment.

CHCP is here for you. Come on in and discover what you can do!

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