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CHCP offers a wide range of rental items such as Crutches, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Seating surfaces, Scooters, Lift chairs, Commodes, Cold Therapy units, Floor-to-ceiling poles, Portable lifts, Hospital beds and Ramps.  Simply call our store Toll Free at 1-800-318-3044 or within city limits at 204-832-9963 and ask for our rental department or email your request to


Breezy Ultra 4 Wheelchairs

Parsons Wheeled Commode

Lift Chairs

Invacare Full Electric Cbed

Transport Wheelchairs

Knee Scooters

Cryotherapy Machine

Hoyer Lift

For your convenience, you have the option of purchasing your rental equipment (or a new item, similar to the rental product). Our “try before you buy” is a great option when, or if, you do not know if the item will be a long-term requirement or if the rental time period exceeds the cost of purchasing the product outright. If you do decide that you would like to purchase the equipment the first month’s rental will be applied to the total cost of the equipment.

Minimal rental periods are for one month (or less if stated at initial rental pick-up or delivery*) and an initial payment is due upon receipt of product. Should you no longer require the rental item before the one month is expired no monies will be reimbursed. If you need to keep your equipment for longer than the initial rental period you will be automatically billed for another one month period. Once your subsequent rental periods have been paid you may return the item at any time and billing will be pro-rated. If it is not possible for you to return the rental item to the store, return arrangements* can be made for this. In the event that rental equipment is not returned and/or your account falls into arrears , you will be invoiced for the entire retail price.

*Delivery & Pick-up charges apply

CHCP thoroughly cleans and inspects all rental equipment prior to releasing it. If, by chance, an item requires service or maintenance please phone to schedule a service technician for the repair (or swap). Please note: the customer shall be liable for all loss or damage of the equipment as the result of accidents, abuse or neglect.

Please have the following information ready:

User Name & Address, Billing information including: Contact Name (if different from user), Address, Daytime Phone #, Credit Card information (secured), Product description. If you have been recommended by a Hospital please also mention this at time of booking.

Rental Equipment List

  • Bathroom Safety

    • Stationary Commode

    • Wheeled Commode

    • Raz Commode

    • Standard Shower Commode

    • Tilt Shower Commode

    Bed & Accessories 

    • Full electric hospital bed

    • Hospital table

    • Super Pole

    • Air Mattress

    Wheelchairs & Accessories 

    • 16′ Standard Wheelchair

    • 18′ Standard Wheelchair

    • 20′ Standard Wheelchair

    • 22′ & 24 Heavy Duty Standard Wheelchair

    • Move Light Weight Chair

    • A7 Light Weight Chair

    • Tilt Chair

    • Power Chair

    • Elevating Legrest

    • Drop Base

    • Full & half Lap trays

    • Cushions


    • 3 Wheeled Scooters

    • 4 Wheeled Scooters


    • Hoyer Lifts

    • Lift Chairs

    • Sit – To – Stand Lifts

    Portable/ Temporary Ramps

    • Threshold Ramp

    • 4 Foot

    • 6 , 8 Foot Multi Fold Ramp

    • 10 , 12 Multi Fold Ramp


    • Cold Therapy Unit

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