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If you are looking to save money or recycle a gently used item, CHCP offers an exceptional Consignment program.

CHCP currently accepts/sells the following categories of used equipment:

2 & 4-wheeled Walkers
Transport, Manual & Tilt Wheelchairs
Lift chairs & Hospital beds
Powerchairs & Scooters
Cushions, Cushion Covers & Backrests

Wheelchair Accessories
*Ramps, Porch & Stair lifts

CHCP only accepts items that are clean and in good working condition. All consignment items will only be held for a period of 3 months and at which time if an item is not sold it is the client’s responsibility to contact CHCP. If the items are not removed (within 30 days) CHCP will consider the item donated.

Prior to acceptance, CHCP thoroughly assesses and evaluates each piece of equipment to ensure its current value and all pricing is based on the item itself and/or any depreciation incurred. All prices are negotiable only by the original owner and CHCP will do its best to ensure satisfaction of both parties. With the result of a sale CHCP will deduct 35% off the final sale price and a cheque will be issued once payment is cleared and all consignment sales are final.

CHCP does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage due to fire, water or theft.

Please call us @ 204-832-9963 or Toll Free in Manitoba at 1-800-318-3044 to discuss. Alternatively you can also email your request to

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